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Mooring:  Monthly 4,000 pesos; Weekly 1,200 pesos; Daily 200 pesos (includes access fee)


Access fees:  Monthly 2,300 pesos; Weekly 600 pesos; Daily 120 pesos (up to four persons per boat)


Service Boat:  100 pesos per trip, available from 8 am - 5 pm daily

Pilot Boat: approx. 250 peso

Water:  There is a hose pipe at the end of the pier, an additional access fee will apply.

Fuel from local fuel stations can be delivered to jetty/pier or to your boat


Laundry service available: ask for Pegie (PG)


Trike transportation can be arranged to pick you up from the Club and take you where you want to go, wait for you if you need, and bring you back to the Yacht Club.


No pro-rating.  (Please don't ask the staff, it puts them in a bad and uncomfortable situation.)


Prices and fees are subject to change without notice and some prices are examples or approximate.   Most jobs need to be priced upon request as many factors determine the final price.


We reserve the right to refuse service and/or allow access to anyone for any reason.

Not responsible for lost or stolen items.

At AYC, there are no berths only moorings which mean there is no shore power.  However, there are services available to help fill your water and/or fuel tanks.  We can help arrange other things as well if needed.


Water access is available on the pier, an additional access fee will apply; you have the option of running the water out to your boat yourself or using our people and service boat for a small fee.  Using our service boat will run about 300 pesos for 30 containers, plus the access fee for the water.   This is a perfect example of how a service needs to be priced and quoted.


The mooring fee is 4,000 pesos per month.  If you are looking for a weekly mooring, it is 1,200 pesos per week, daily is 200 pesos.  There is no pro-rating.  The mooring fee includes the access fee.  We reserve the right to refuse service and/or access to anyone for any reason.


Hail the Club on VHF channel 72 and, if needed, the service boat can come out and guide you into the mooring and anchorage area for about 250 pesos. 


If you choose to anchor, there is 600 pesos per week access fee to use the Yacht Club’s facilities, like the dock/pier, showers, and such. The access is also subject to how many passengers are on your boat. If you don't use the Club's facilities, then there are no fees.  The pier is the Club’s facility and we reserve the right to refuse access to anyone for any reason.  Again, there is no pro-rating, you either pay by the day, week, or month.


You will find the Club very friendly and usually someone sitting around ready for a visit.  There is a small menu and drinks available.

The staff can give you advice, help, or make arrangements on getting you around Puerto Princesa.  There are a couple of very trusted trike drivers, our staff can arrange for you, which will take you where you want to go and wait for you while you do your shopping or tend to any business you may have in Puerto.


Please free to contact us with any further questions.  If you do decide on a mooring, please inform us of your boat size and weight to make sure we have a mooring that can accommodate you.


Thank you

We reserve the right to refuse service and/or allow access to anyone for any reason.

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Abanico Yacht Club
22 Zone 5 Purok Abanico
San Pedro, Puerto Princesa,

Palawan, Philippines

Smart Phone: +63 998 304 9566


E-mail: abanicoyachtclub@yahoo.com.ph

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