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Puerto: Needs & Supplies:

Puerto Princesa is one of the best places for stocking up on food, diesel, and water.  Crew can fly into Puerto easily and the airport is near.  Many yachts do stay for an extended period, mostly because of the difficulty of going north or east across the Sulu Sea in the rough northeasterly monsoon season from November to April – Chasamba 06:09, 29 February 2012 (GMT)

Fuel, Water, & Electricity


  • Fuel – from local fuel stations, usually clean.  AYC can arrange delivery to pier or to your boat.
  • Water – Clean water from a hose pipe toward the end of the jetty/pier, an access fee will apply.
  • Electricity – shore power is not available




Laundry Service Option:

  • Ask at AYC for Pegie, if she is available, she will give you her price and time
  • Can do it yourself at the end of the pier, an access fee to the water will apply
  • There is a laundry drop off up the road from AYC almost to the main highway


Grocery Stores


Puerto is a very good  provisioning choice with two modern supermarkets and numerous indoor/outdoor markets for fish, meats, vegetable, fruits, etc.:


  • Robinson's Mall has a Robinson Supermarket not far from AYC
  • NCCC Mall has an NCCC Supermarket in the main part of town, a little farther away than Robinson’s Mall
  • Mall 168, has an NCCC Supermarket, not as nice as or as well stocked as the one in town, a little farther down on the North Highway from Robinson’s Mall, close to the San Jose' Market
  • San Jose' Market, also called New Market, is not far from Robinson's Mall
  • Puerto Princesa Market, also called Old Market, is not far from NCCC Mall




  • Much to choose from, full range from street food to western restaurants with more opening every day….it seems.


Motorbike & Car Rentals


  • The norm is use tricycles (motorbike taxis) but bike, car, and people carrier for hire are widely available.


Marine Stores, Facilities, Repairs


  • We are working on this list.  However, there are no proper marine facilities for repairs or to haul the boats out of the water.
  • While no specific marine focused faculties exist, pretty much everything mechanical can be repaired in Puerto Princesa.  The skill levels are usually high, but the tools, facilities, and materials are of the lowest quality.




  • Tricycles Taxis – most readily available close to AYC or at AYC
  • Car Taxis – are around, am unsure of how to get one
  • Air flights (Puerto Princesa airport code is PPS)
    • Numerous daily flights to Manila and Cebu from Philippine Air, Asian Air, and Cebu Air


Puerto Princesa Hospitals and Health Care


Puerto is composed of one main health care center, 18 barangay health stations, three hospitals, and five satellite clinics.  The hospitals in the city are 175-bed capacity:  75 for the government-owned Puerto Princesa Provincial Hospital, and 50 beds for the two privately-owned facilities.  The five satellite clinics have a 4 to 5-bed capacity.  It serves not only the residents of the city but also patients coming from the nearby municipalities of Palawan.




            Adventist Hospital (closest to AYC) – specializes in health and medical services with adequate facilitites to make you at ease.

                        Junction 2, San Pedro, Puerto Princesa, 5300 Palawan

                        Telephone Numbers: (048) 433-2156; (048) 433-2558

                        Clinic Hours:

                        8:00am-12:00nn; 2:00pm-5:00pm (Sunday to Thursday) 8:00am-12:00nn(Fri)

                        Telephone Numbers: (048) 433-2558; 433-2156; 433-5567



Cooperative Hospital/Medical Mission Group – offers general hospital services to those who come and seek medical health care. 

Located at the corner of Burgos and Mabini Streets just off Manalo Street, it is easily accessible through one of the jeepneys that reach the National Highway and Rizal Avenue intersection.  Burgos Street is the fourth street on the left when one is facing the road to the Puerto Princesa Port.  A cab or a tricycle ride from the highway junction can cut the travel time by 10 minutes. 

                        Corner of Burgos and Mabini Streets just off Manalo Street

Telephone number:  (048) 434 3255



            Palawan Provincial Hospital

                        Ospital ng Palawan

                        220 Malvar Street Puerto Princesa City 5300 Philippines

Telephone number:  (048) 433 2621



Drug Stores available

  • Mercury Drug
  • Drugman
  • The Generics Pharmacy
  • Biochemist Drug Store
  • NB1 Pharmacy
  • Rite One Pharma

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