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If you are NOT coming by boat, there is a road just opposite Hotel Centro on the National Highway just at Junction 2 and very close to Budget Home Depot, turn down this road (Nabayao Road is not marked, there is a chicken roasting place on the corner.), continue on this road crossing over Abanico Road, passing Abanico School on the left, just before you go into the water, look to the right, there we are, come through the gate, you are welcome. 


Abanico Yacht ClubPuerto PrincesaPalawan, Philippines


GPS Location: N9.764094° E118.733764°

Position:  09°50.3'N, 118°50.4'E


Puerto Princesa lies approximately in the middle of the east coast of Palawan in the Philippines.


Club Facilities: anchorage, moorings, good dinghy-dock, pub-grub


Call: VHF 72 or Tell # 0998 304 9566 on approach (daylight) for guide to moorings /anchorage


Accepts visitors


Marine VHF: 72

Smart Tel: +63 998 304 9566

Globe Tel: +63 995 665 9195

Email: AbanicoYachtClub@yahoo.com.ph



Approach and Navigation


  • Once in the Bay, follow a line from the western end of the main wharf at Puerto Princesa to the radio mast on Long Point, this will get you safely to the anchorage at AYC.  Do not stray to the east of this line as there are abrupt and shallow reefs.
  • The Philippines use IALA Buoyage system B
  • Google Earth shows the reefs very clearly




Cmap, is not accurate in this area.  Paper charts are better, or AYC can guide you in, we monitor VHF Channel 72.

  • Cmap, Ed2 charts have not been corrected to WGS84 and do not have very much detail.
  • Cmap, Ed3 charts are accurate with reasonable detail
  • Navionics charts are accurate with reasonable detail
  • A number of cruisers have produced their own raster charts based on paper charts from various sources.  Some are on Luzon datum, some are on WGS84 and some have been calibrated using Google Earth.
  • Local charts (large scale Puerto Princesa) are useful, but go slowly.


Anchorages or Moorings


  • The best anchorage is off the AYC because holding is not very good anywhere in the bay since it is a mixture of coral and very soft mud.  AYC usually has moorings available; care is needed when approaching because there is a big reef all-around the club.
  • Near AYC, the best holding is in the thick mud in the main channel parallel to Long Point.
  • In the southwest monsoon, when a typhoon is passing to  the north, a good alternative is Abacayan Inlet to the south of Puerto Princesa
  • AYC is located in the NE corner of the harbor; look for the blue roofs.  AYC will send out a dinghy to guide you in as there are unmarked reefs in the area (for a small fee).  Getting to the yacht club requires some care and should not be attempted at night.
  • The anchorage is well protected and secure in over 8m sand/mud, a staff member of AYC will point out where to moor or anchor.
  • Advisable to give call on VHF 72 for guidance into the anchorage, service boat is there until 5pm.


See Services for all fees.


There is a safe dinghy dock.


Hot simple meals are served and a wonderful Sunday lunch buffet. (See Menu for details)


We reserve the right to refuse service and/or allow access to anyone for any reason.

Puerto Princesa 


Puerto Princesa is half way up the eastern side of the island of Palawan, one of the most southern islands in the Philippines. This is the preferred island to travel along while headed north from Malaysia. The island is long and skinny making it possible to travel either the east or western side of Palawan and give Mindanao a very wide berth. In Mindanao (SE about 280 miles) abduction and ransom is a possibility and while some of those unfortunate enough to run across these modern pirates, some may have friends affluent enough to bail them out of trouble but generally it’s extremely doubtful these yachties could raise the funds to get themselves out of such trouble and could be with these Modo Pirates for years…best to just give them a wide berth.


The passage up from Kudat involves 220 miles of travelling.




  • The Sulu Sea is a body of water in the Southwestern area of the Philippines, and contains most of the Philippine islands and Malaysian Sabah.
  • The Sulu Sea, extending from 5˚N to 13˚N and from 116˚E to 124˚E, is a portion of the western North Pacific.
  • It can be categorized as a complex sea region, which is surrounded by shallow water and a complex seabed.

The Sulu Sea has a tropical monsoon climate. This means there are only two seasons each year:

  • The dry (winter) season that prevails from November to April, and
  • The rainy (summer) season, extending from May to October.

The surface wind of the Sulu Sea is strongly influenced by the East Asian Monsoon System:

  • North-easterly in winter, south-westerly in summer, and highly variable during the transitional periods (Wyrtki, 1961)

Going up West Coast of Palawan - Coast Guard information


1.  Avoid Ulugan Bay/Oyster Bay - this is a Military Reservation Area which is an exclusion area for military use only.

2. Turn on your AIS transmitter all times and ensure it emits the correct information as to vessel specifications and name of owner.

3.  Call the Light Station Lalutaya whenever you are anywhere in west Philippine sea.

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